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Why you should take CBD products seriously?

CBD products have captured the interests of many in recent years. In fact, many states have legalized the production and sale of CBD, otherwise known as medical marijuana. CBD is the current trending wellness product that you see everywhere these days.

So, why all the hype? Is it really effective? How serious should you be about the usage of CBD products? Keep reading as we are going to tackle these questions in this article. First things first. For starters, you must know what exactly is CBD.

So, what is CBD?

CBD or cannabinoid is the extraction of the residue from the flowers and buds of the hemp or cannabis plant. The many components from the plant are used in the production of oils and other medicines. Marijuana or THC is also a byproduct from the hemp plant like CBD. But it is different from CBD though there are few similarities.

How is CBD different from THC?

For the record, CBD will not get you “high” like THC. This is one stigma that is associated with the usage of CBD products. If used within the prescribed quantities, CBD will not alter the state of the human mand, nor give you a “high”. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant.It does however calm and relaxes the mind. Hence, being used in psychological medical conditions.

So, why should you be taking CBD?

Because of its medicinal benefits of course. Besides calming and relaxing the mind in cases of anxiety and depression, CBD is also helpful in other medical issues. Insomnia or sleeplessness is tackled to an extent using this magical medicine. It also has extensive scope in treating conditions like childhood epilepsy.

The only FDA approved drug for CBD medication is Epidiolex. It is a medicine approved for the treatment for certain types of epilepsy. Many people also swear by the positive effect that CBD medicines have on problems like arthritis and chronic pain.

In essence, CBD products are used to deal with medical conditions like:





Chronic pain


CBD is now being extended in the field of pain management.

Does CBD really work in pain management?

There are typically two types of pain in human beings. Musculoskeletal and nerve-related. CBD is found to be effective for pain in both conditions! However, certain types of pain can be tacked only if CBD is used in conjunction with a small amount of THC. It is considered safe to take such a drug. This is however quite tricky as there are many restrictions for prescribing such a drug containing CBD and THC.

If you are forced to buy such a drug, then there is one thing that you need to take seriously. The content of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) must be less than 0.3% or less in the CBD product.

However, the effect of CBD products on all humans may not turn out to be the same. That is the reason why you should take the usage of CBD products with much seriousness. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of CBD that you should be cautious about.

What are the other aspects of the usage of CBD products, that you should be serious about?

There are many misconceptions and stigma associated with the usage of CBD products today. There are controversies whether CBD drugs should be used or not. There are claims that CBD products do harm to the body and has side effects. Though there is fact in some of what you may hear, CBD products are not as bad as it may sound to be.

You have to be extremely cautious and serious, however, while choosing the best CBD products. Why? We have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should be!

Top 16 reasons why you should take CBD products seriously

  1. Lack of regulation in the production and usage of CBD products

There is basically no control over the production or composition of CBD products. The quality of the products is not ensured and hence, you could be prone to side effects if the components are simply placebo of the real ones.The legally murky nature of Marijuana is of much concern as it could also be added into CBD products, to enhance its effect on the customers sometimes. Sometimes, it is noted that the content amount of CBD is different than those mentioned on the label of the CBD product!

  1. Potential interaction with other medicines

Evidential research to study the effect of CBD on other medicines are being carried out. It has been proved in many cases that there could be possible interactions. This raises much concern in the medical field, as people are being able to access the drug under no medical supervision whatsoever. If you are already under medication for any other medical condition, the usage of the CBD products must be taken under strict supervision and with much apprehension. Never use any CBD product, without consulting a medical professional.

  1. Potential side effects of CBD

There is some evidence that CBD could harmfully affect the liver. It is found that the liver enzymes have increased in production thus, proving to create liver damage in the long run. Though CBD is generally considered safe to use and well-tolerated, it could turn out to be different for some people.Side effects of using CBD products could include diarrhoea, changes in weight and appetite and may also cause fatigue.

  1. Research studies about CBD products are still in the infancy stage

The concept of CBD and its use in therapeutic purposes is a relatively novel field in science. As a result, the medical field is in for more detailed research studies in the coming years. Many companies sell CBD products not with a medically backed affirmation, but as part of a health fad. As a result, there are several risks involved in the usage of CBD products.

  1. No guarantee it will give positive results

CBD is generally considered very effective for various medical conditions. Many people have righteously claimed that CBD has done better to them than harm. However, some people react differently to the same CBD product for unknown reasons. They are no specific guarantee as to whether the CBD product will give positive results in the first few tries, at least.

  1. Usage of CBD is not legal in some places

Hemp-derived CBD products with a concentration of less than 0.3% THC or marijuana is made legal in some countries now. However, Marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal to use and are under strict scrutiny. Check with your state law and that of the place you intend to travel with the CBD product.

  1. There are a number of fake companies selling CBD products

Since there is no proper regulation of the companies and the selling of their CBD drugs and products, there are quite a lot of fake companies that have emerged. These companies are trying to make money out of the situation and are intentionally cheating customers by providing Low quality and cheap CBD products. Make sure to run a thorough check about the company that you are intending to buy the CBD product from.

  1. CBD products claim to be adaptogenic, but may not turn out to be in real!

Adaptogen products are natural, nontoxic substances that regulate the stress response level in the human mind. Considering the wide scope of CBD in treating psychological ailments, life-threatening conditions like cancer and even a cure to sexual problems, predators have laid their eyes from the business perspective. Legal CBD products contain just enough TCH to not alter the state of mind. But, if you are not careful about buying good quality CBD product, then you could end yourself in a “highly” problematic stage!

  1. CBD products are all over the internet and even in shops around any corner

The presence of CBD in products has bizarrely taken off in recent years. You will find CBD in cosmetic products, juices, coffees, pet chewing products, bath bombs, moisturizers and even ice cream! In fact, the number of CBD users are increasing at an alarming rate. This is considered to be one of the latest health and beauty fads and people are falling head over heels over this new trend. In legal states you will find CBD products being sold even on the streets. So, always make sure to narrow down your purpose and use CBD sparingly in your products (considering the scope of risk in the usage, of course).

  1. CBD products must be tested by a third party

To confirm the label’s accuracy in the description of products and their quantities, it is necessary that the CBD product is tested by a third-party entity. There should be a quality assurance stamp or certificate of analysis by the third party that is an indication of the authenticity of the CBD product. If it is not seen on the product’s label, you should check for it on the company’s website. Any company that backs its products, will have a certified lab report for sure.

  1. Low-quality CBD products will show up on a drug test

A third-party tested CBD product containing no or only limited amount of THC doesn’t relatively show up on drug tests. If you are not using a genuine CBD product, then there are chances that you will help up responsible for the results in the drug test that you take. However, athletes are subjected to more sensitive drug tests that will show the content of CBD, whatsoever.

  1. Some companies do not follow good manufacturing practices

There are instances when it has been evident that the CBD in the CBD product, may have been cultivated in adulterated situations. The hemp plant is biologically very affective of its surroundings. As a result, any toxin, chemical or pesticides in the surrounding soil will be absorbed by the plant resulting in a degradation of the quality of the CBD product. Always ensure that you source the CBD products from companies that are trustworthy.

  1. Some companies are not sure of the dosing quality for each customer

Every human body is unique. Hence, if not under the proper guidance of a medical professional, always be cautious of receiving instructions from companies selling CBD products. Moreover, since there is no proper scientific evidential backup of CBD medicine, the risk of getting overdosed is high.

  1. There could be additional ingredients in your CBD products

Apart from THC that could be added to enhance the functionality of the CBD drug, there are chances that ingredients like melatonin could also be added. It is always a good idea to be mindful of the product that you are ingesting, as the additives (and not the CBD) may turn out to be harmful to you.

  1. Some CBD products may not have a proper batch number

Batch number is the indicator of whether the company follows good manufacturing processes. So, in case of any case to recall the specific CBD product, it is essential that it contains proper batch number and code. There are cases where companies tamper the batch number or misprint it. Always cross-check it with the COA (Certificate of Analysis) provided along with the CBD product.

  1. Good quality CBD products must come in proper labels and packaging

Proper label and package do not simply imply that the CBD product should come in colourful and attractive fonts.It should have an FDA disclaimer and a warning section. Some CBD products even have access to their third-party lab testing reports from the label.

Bottom line:

One has to be very cautious while purchasing a CBD product.They are available in the form of edibles, ointments, oils and vape pens and even cannabis-infused food!

Understand the real purpose behind your purchase and buy the CBD product that is the best suitable. It is advisable to not go simply behind trends and buy a CBD product that may not suffice your demand.

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